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By Catalog - Fall 2018
Correspondence of John Tyndall, Volume 6Michael BartonThis sixth volume of Tyndall’s correspondence contains 302 letters covering a period of twenty-eight months (1856–1859).
American Dream DeferredFrederick Gooding, Jr. The Untold Story of the Struggle of African-American Federal Workers in the Post War Years
Autobiography of a WoundBrynne Rebele-HenryWinner of the 2017 Donald Hall Prize for Poetry
CEASEBeth Bachmann“A scarily original, apocalyptic book about a time when it appears it is necessary to destroy and kill for peace.”*
Correspondence of John Tyndall, Volume 5William BrockThis volume contains 266 letters covering a period of twenty-two months, when Tyndall was in his midthirties and had been employed by the Royal Institution as professor of natural philosophysince September 1853.
Cuban Studies 47Alejandro de la FuenteCuban Studies is the preeminent journal for scholarly work on Cuba. Each volume includes articles in English and Spanish and a large book review section.

Cuban Studies 47 includes a dossier on cultural politics and political cultures of the Cuban Revolution.
Dogs of DetroitBrad FelverThe Debut of a Masterful Short Story Writer, Winner of the 2018 Drue Heinz Literature Prize
Edward Condon’s Cooperative VisionThomas LassmanA Physicist Redefines the Relationship Between Academic Science and Technological Innovation in Industry
Entangled Far RightsMarlene LaruelleEntangled Far Rights traces the “intellectual romance” that existed between European far right groups and their Russian-Soviet counterparts during the twentieth century and accounts for their recent re-emergence.
Eurasian EnvironmentsNicholas BreyfogleA Broad Look at the Environmental History of Eurasia
Healing MemoriesElizabeth GarciaHow Literature Challenges the Historical Methodologies that Have Silenced the American Experience of Puerto Rican Woman
I Can’t Talk About the Trees Without the BloodTiana ClarkWinner of the 2017 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize
Improvised CitiesHelen GygerThe History of Aided Self-Help Housing in Peru
Inevitably ToxicBrinda SarathyExposure to Toxins as Part of Our Everyday Lives
IntermittencesAna ForcintoAn Exploration of the Intermittences of Transitional Justice and Memory in Post-Dictatorship Uruguay
Irish Presbyterians and the Shaping of Western Pennsylvania, 1770-1830Peter GilmoreA History of One of the Earliest, and Most Influential Groups to Settle in Western Pennsylvania
Knowledge in TranslationPatrick ManningExplores the Complexities of Knowledge Exchange Through the Practice of Translation
Liberty and the Pursuit of KnowledgeWarren SchmausHow Philosophy of Science Can Bring About Change in Political Life
LogodaedalusAlexander MarrA Prehistory of Genius
Nostalgic DesignWilliam KurlinkusHow innovation without tradition will lead to technical alienation
Paths for CubaScott MorgensternCuban Studies Scholars Explore Reforms, Away from Communism
Plasma Bradley Paul“Bradley Paul’s amazing poems give back so much to the life they are written out of.”*
Polyphonic MachineNiall H.D. GeraghtyThe Interrelations Between Capitalism and Political Violence in Late 20th Century Argentina
Reforming WomenLisa ShaverRhetoric and feminist conciousness in the 19th century “American Female Moral Reform Society”
RefuseJulian RandallWinner of the 2017 Cave Canem Poetry Prize
Resisting BrownCandace Epps-RobertsonPrince Edward County, Virginia as a Microcosm of America’s Struggle with Race, Literacy, and Citizenship
Responsive Rhetorical ArtElenore LongExplores the Risk Ridden Realm of Wise, if Always Falliable, Rhetorical Action
Sidebend WorldCharles Harper WebbSidebend World may be Webb’s finest collection to date.”*
Solid State InsurrectionJoseph MartinA New Perspective on Some of the Most Enduring Questions About the Role of Physics in American History
Translational TurnMarta SánchezA New Reading of U.S. Latinx Literature in Translation
Unruly Rhetorics Jonathan Alexander Essays inquiring into conditions for activism, political protest, and public assembly
Vernacular Latin AmericanismsFernando DegiovanniThe Emergence of Latin Americanism as a Field of Critical Debate and Inquiry
Yellow Moving VanRon Koertge“Sometimes funny, sometimes acerbic, sometimes tenderhearted, and every now and then, all of those at the same time.”*

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