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About Three Bricks Shy . . . And the Load Filled UpRoy Blount Jr.This is the thirtieth-anniversary edition of a book long considered a classic and one of Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 Sports Books of All Time. The story of the 1973 Pittsburgh Steelers--a team that was super, but missed the bowl.

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Buck FeverMike SajnaMike Sajna, outdoors columnist for Pittsburgh Magazine, explores the controversial subject of deer hunting. Taking the reader to a camp site in Warren County, he recounts the traditions, lore, and physical testing that make the hunting of white-tailed deer a unique experience.
Chuck NollMichael MacCambridgeChuck Noll led the Pittsburgh Steelers to an unprecedented four Super Bowl victories and built the team into one of the greatest football dynasties in history. Chuck Noll: His Life’s Work presents the first full biography of the legendary Steelers coach. It paints an intimate portrait that traces his journey from a childhood in Depression-era Cleveland, where he first played football in a fully integrated neighborhood league, through his serious pursuit of the sport in high school, college, and then professionally for the Browns, before Noll discovered his true calling as a coach.

When Chuck Noll arrived in Pittsburgh, the city was in deep crisis, facing the decline of its lifeblood industry. Added to that, the Steelers had been the worst team in professional football for nearly four decades. Noll quickly remolded the team into the most accomplished in the history of the NFL, and through this Pittsburghers came to believe that winning and recovery were possible – for their city as for their team.

Michael MacCambridge reveals the family ties that built Noll's character, his struggles with epilepsy and Alzheimer's, the love story that shaped his life, as well as his unique skill as a coach. By understanding the man himself, we can at last clearly see Noll’s profound influence on the city, players, coaches, and game he loved.

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Honus WagnerDennis DeValeriaNeither the “rowdy-ball” ruffian nor the teetotal saint constructed of legend, Wagner is presented here in a complete portrait—one that offers a vivid impression of the era when baseball was America’s game and the nation was evolving into the world’s industrial leader.
One for the ThumbRandy RobertsA collection of the best sports writing about the fabled franchise, One for the Thumb is the definitive anthology of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Includes the 2005 Super Bowl season. A must-read for all fans of the team and the game of football.
Pirates ReaderRichard PetersonThe Pirates Reader is a tribute to the Pittsburgh Pirates, their fans nationwide, and to the franchise's rich history of baseball—Richard Peterson has collected the writing of baseball's greatest storytellers. Included are early pioneers of sports journalism, such as Henry Chadwick, the father of baseball statistics, and Alfred H. Spink, founder of The Sporting News.
Pittsburgh SportsRandy RobertsPittsburgh Sports mixes the personal experiences of fans and athletes with team histories to capture the full range of what it means to be a sports fan--in Pittsburgh, or, by extension, anywhere.

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SlideRichard PetersonIn the deciding game of the 1992 National League Championship Series against the Atlanta Braves, the Pittsburgh Pirates suffered the most dramatic and devastating loss in team history when former Pirate Sid Bream slid home with the winning run. Bream’s infamous slide ended the last game played by Barry Bonds in a Pirates uniform and sent the franchise reeling into a record twenty-season losing streak. The Slide tells the story of the myriad events, beginning with the aftermath of the 1979 World Series, which led to the fated 1992 championship game and beyond.

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Listen to WSIU/NPR's interview with Richard "Pete" Peterson as he discusses his new book, The Slide: Leyland, Bonds, and the Star-Crossed Pittsburgh Pirates

Pennsylvania Sports Network’s “Sports Now” interviews Richard “Pete” Peterson and Stephen Peterson about their new book, The Slide: Leyland, Bonds, and the Star-Crossed Pittsburgh Pirates
Spring TrainingWilliam ZinsserSpring Training is a look back at the Pittsburgh Pirates' 1988 spring training season in Bradenton, Florida that reveals how the fundamentals of baseball are taught and learned. The author has added a new introduction and postscript, which includes a lengthy interview with manager Jim Leyland about the lessons that can be learned from losing.

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