New Book: Between Europe and Asia

Between Europe and Asia

Between Europe and Asia

The Origins, Theories, and Legacies of Russian Eurasianism

Edited by Mark Bassin, Sergey Glebov, and Marlene Laruelle

“A superb collection and brilliant achievement. Each chapter builds on previous ones to provide an original and path-breaking study of the very complex movement that we call ‘Eurasianism.’ Undoubtedly a landmark publishing event in the field.”
—Richard Sakwa, University of Kent


This book analyzes the origins and development of Eurasianism, an intellectual movement that proclaimed the existence of Eurasia, a separate civilization coinciding with the former Russian Empire. The essays explore the historical roots, the heyday of the movement in the 1920s, and the afterlife of the movement in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.

University of Pittsburgh Press


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