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June 1954
454 pages  
27 b&w maps, 3 b&w photos
6 x 9
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A Traveler's Guide to Historic Western Pennsylvania
Mulkearn, Lois, Pugh, Edwin
A comprehensive twenty-seven county guide to historic landmarks in western Pennsylvania, with background information on each, and how to reach them.

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Lois Mulkhearn was a historian and author of George Mercer Papers: Relating to the Ohio Company of Virginia .
Edwin V. Pugh is a historian and former president of the Wellsville Historical Society in Ohio.
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Pittsburgh, Western Pa., West Va.

This book presents a county-by-county guide to historic landmarks in western Pennsylvania, and how to reach them. Twenty-seven counties are included, along with maps of each. Along the way, travelers will find historic forts, residences of leading citizens, old iron furnaces, grist mills, churches, inns, taverns, tanneries, and many other intriguing places. Historians Lois Mulkearn and Edwin V. Pugh personally visited each site, and provide background vignettes on them, offering interesting facts and highlights gathered from archival documents.


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