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July 1994
248 pages  

5 1/2 x 8 1/2
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Crisis in Bethlehem
Big Steel’s Battle to Survive
Strohmeyer, John
Crisis in Bethlehem provides an insider's look at Bethlehem Steel's bonanza years, its collapse, how it coped (and did not cope) with crisis, and the human costs involved.

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John Strohmeyer has won the Pulitzer Prize and is a former Neiman Fellow.
“A fascinating close-up view of what ails a great American industry. Authoritative, but eminently readable, it has the makings of a saga of the American economy.”—Daniel Schorr, National Public Radio

"A rare combination of historical insight, personal experience, and emotional involvement make John Strohmeyer's account of the decline of Big Steel captivating reading. Fast-paced as any novel, it is a must for anyone - which should mean everyone - who is concerned about the future of America's basic economy." —Irving R. Levine, NBC News

"Strohmeyer's documentation of the self-indulgence common a decade ago at top levels of big industry is fascinating." —New York Times

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Crisis in Bethlehem: Big Steel’s Struggle to Survive is Pulitzer Prize winner Strohmeyer’s account of the collapse of Bethlehem Steel. As editor of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Globe-Times from 1956 to 1984, Strohmeyer followed the steel industry from the height of its power through its decline. He evaluates the self-indulgence of both the unions and industry management and movingly describes the human agony caused by the failure of steel. His account is reinforced by over one hundred interviews with steelworkers, union leaders, steel executives, and industry analysts. First issued in 1986, the book is more significant than ever. In this edition, Strohmeyer includes an update on steel today.


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